How To Stay Motivated With Exercise - During quarentine

Working out has become more than ever in a way to keep my sanity, and I know it can be hard right now because it's really easy to fall on the never stop watching Netflix wagon specially now, but moving a little will help your body and your mind. This helps me and hopefully will help you to stay motivated:

1. Think about how you are going to feel once you do it: less stressed, in a better mood, with a sense of accomplishment. And think about how you are going to feel if you don't, because often we feel worse when we don’t work out, more guilty, less productive, etc. Chances are that the best option is to move a little. Exercise gives you always a sense of accomplished, more needed than ever.

2. Music: when exercising put on music that you like, encourages you and makes you move. This makes a HUGE difference. I start playing my workout music about 15 minutes before I actually start moving, this helps me to get in the zone, to start feeling more active and energized.

3. Have your special place: we are now working out at home, so it might feel a bit off at the beginning but the place where we exercise plays a great role in keeping us motivated. Don't link that place with lazy thoughts, keep it clean and cute. So that it is easier for your brain to connect that mini space with good energy. I'm using my small living room now to workout, I keep my little equipment in a corner that I can't really see during the day and when I'm going to workout I set it up.

4. Add something different: if you usually do HIIT try taking a yoga or dance class, add something different to your dynamic. Take advantage of the different instagram Lives and free classes of coaches and studios to get out of your routine. I'm used to workout by myself, but now I've been working out in a video call with my friends, this has been beyond helpful because we talk, we laugh, and everyone else adds a little something that makes it more entertained.

Keep in mind that I don't wake up every day motivated to workout, but I know it's good for me, I know I'll feel better after, I know that is a time that I take to disconnect of everything that is going on and it really helps. I haven't been doing a crazy workout every day, I take into consideration how I'm feeling and if I have in me to do a super intense workout or something easier. Adapt it to you, so you can move every day without feeling frustrated or overwhelmed.

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