Stay Home and Control Overeating

So we have to stay home, the things we did that kept us busy are in pause for some of us, some of us are doing them all from home, we can be stressed and anxious with everything that is going on, and food is reachable in our kitchen all day, the perfect cocktail to find comfort and to avoid boredom with food.

So, what helps to avoid over eating all day:

Schedule your meals, and stick to your schedule. It is too easy right now to go to the kitchen 15 times in an hour and grab something to eat, a little something here a little something there, you have 5min between your video call meetings you go munch something. The sum of all those “littles” will be “a lot”. So plan ahead what your meals will be for the day and stick to that plan.

Do something to distract you. I saw the other day someone put a sign on their fridge “You are bored, not hungry”, and it’s

very real right now. We tend to eat for many reasons that have nothing to do with hunger, a big one is boredom, so be mindful of this and stick to your meals. When I start feeling this way I go work on my puzzle for 10-20minutes.

Drink plenty of water. You might not be hungry but dehydrated, and it helps to prevent overeating in general.

Workout. Improves your mood and helps you set a healthy mindset, we usually don’t want to ruin all the effort from working out by over snacking. Try to get at least 15 min of physical activity a day.

Don’t open your fridge to “just check”, you’ll end up most likely getting something out that you don’t need. Remember that you need to be mindful of what you eat not only for your weight but for your health (and the more you eat, the more travels you have to do to the grocery store and we have to stay home).

Drink tea. When you feel cravings or anxiety turn to tea instead of food. It helps A LOT, drinking something with flavor always helps. If you drink it hot you have to drink it little by litle and this makes you slow down.

Other beverages and snacks that help:

  • Lemonade (sweetened with stevia). It's low in calories, it's refreshing and has flavor so it's more exciting that water when you are trying to fight cravings.

  • Seltzer water with flavor (0 calories, sodium free). Bubbles fill your belly a little bit and it helps to avoid feeling like you can eat the world, make sure is sodium free.

  • Dark chocolate (at least 70% cocoa). With the taste you won't need more than a little piece, it'll make you release some serotonin so you'll feel better in general and yes, you are still eating chocolate.

  • Raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, allberries, when you want something sweet.

  • Almonds (or other nuts), make sure to control your portion 15-30 almonds. They have fiber, protein and good fats (fat in food is digested slowly) which makes them very satiating.

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