Is your relationship making you fat?

First, no, you make your own decisions, but, it is also true that sometimes the “routine / activities” of relationships includes food and drinks and snacks, and that can make us win a few pounds, but we should learn how to continue to enjoy as a couple without getting fat.

Your relationship dynamic, and the habits you share together can have a big impact in your figure. Many of my clients tell me that since they started dating, or since they got married, they have gained weight, and when they tell me about their routine I can see why. According to several studies, women tend to gain the most weight when being in a relationship but men aren’t safe from this.

Now, how can you continue enjoying as a couple without gaining extra pounds? Here are some tips:

Eat different things when you are together. We can’t force anyone to eat healthy if they don’t want to, but we can decide to eat something healthy when our partner wants eat french fries with ice cream, if the other person is not going to eat something healthy to please you, you should not eat junk food to please them either. Choose a different and healthier dish, I know it can be hard if you kinda want what they are having too but we have to have willpower people.

Make physical activity part of your routine. Instead of staying up all day watching Netflix and eating snacks, go for a walk, rent bikes, make a date out of playing a sport, any activity that takes you away from being sedentary. If you are starting to date this is also a good option to get to know each other, know and practice each others hobbies, and if you start these habits at the beginning of the relationship it’s easier to keep them in time.

Workout, even if it is not together. I get it, you are in love and you want to spend all the time you can together, and with work, errands, etc, you might start skipping your workouts to see each other, especially if the other person doesn't workout. If working out is an important part of your routine you should keep it that way, I’m not saying to never skip a workout to have fun with your significant other, but there is no reason to stop doing something that is so good for you.

Cook for each other. Going out to eat is fun, but cooking for eachother is awesome, it’s a way to make an effort and show care, also it makes it easier to have healthy tasty meals than when you eat out all the time.

Do not match what he eats. Men have more muscle mass than women, they are also usually larger and heavier than us, so their metabolisms are naturally faster and they need more calories so it is important that we don’t match their portions, because what is a regular portion for him it’s a big portion for you.

If you like to workout, compete. Not on how much weight you lose. But who increases your running time, who hits more workouts a week, who does more push ups or abs. Healthy competition can help you stay motivated with exercise, work harder while making your workouts more fun and giving you a goal to keep going. Several studies indicate that exercising with another person strengthens the bond with them.

Remember what is important to you, being in a relationship doesn’t make you gain weight, choosing to eat bad and a lot and not to move does.

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