Best 9 tips to speed up your metabolism

When we talk about making our metabolisms faster means to take action so our bodies can burn more calories (use more energy) every day.

Speeding up your metabolism makes you burn more calories on a daily basis. There are actions that have a significant impact in our overall fitness and health. And yes I’m gonna tell you what to do:

  1. Build muscle: muscle is metabolically active, every pound of muscle uses about 6 calories a day just to sustain itself, while each pound of fat burns only 2 calories daily. It seems small but it adds up.

  2. Do HIIT. High-intensity exercise delivers a bigger, longer rise in resting metabolic rate than low- or moderate-intensity workouts. It’s hard for your body to recover from HIIT workouts, your metabolism speeds up for 36-48h after. By the way, you know who has hundreds of HIIT workouts on her feed? You guessed it, me, check out #alebfitnessworkout and start.

  3. Be physically active. The more you move the more energy your body needs, there is a big difference between working out for 60 minutes and be sitting or laying down the rest of the day and working out for 60minutes and walk 8,000 steps a day. Take the stairs instead of the elevator, walk wherever you can, bike instead of ubering or bus, etc.

  4. Stay hydrated. When we are hydrated our metabolism goes up about 30% and if you are even mildly dehydrated, your metabolism slows down. In one study, adults who drank eight or more glasses of water a day burned more calories than those who drank four. Extra tip: Drink cold water, it makes you burn a few extra calories.

  5. Eat protein. Protein have a great thermal effect on the body, our body has a hard time digesting it and burns 30% of its calories in digestion. For every 500 calories of protein you consume you burn about 125 calories in its digestion but for every 500 calories of carbohydrate or fat you burn about 30 calories. Add some protein in all your meals.

  6. Drink green tea. Drinking green tea offers the combined benefits of caffeine and catechins, substances shown to speed up the metabolism for a couple of hours. Research suggests that 2 to 4 cups may push the body to burn 17% more calories during exercise. You should drink a cup of green tea (or coffee) 15-30min before you workout.

  7. Eat good fats. Good fats are involved in the repairing processes of cell membranes, these processes use energy. Include in your diet: avocado, olive oil, salmon, ground flaxseed, almonds, peanuts, nuts, etc. You can also supplement with Omega 3.

  8. Avoid stress as much as you can. Constant stress generates a hormonal imbalance and this impacts negatively the way your body functions therefore your metabolism.

  9. Don’t do crazy diets. All those diets that make you eat less than 1200 calories or eliminate completely a macronutrient aren’t good for anybody. These “magic” diets may make you drop pounds, but that comes at the expense of good nutrition and losing muscle mass, which slows your metabolism and it’s very very hard to reverse this damage.

Extra tip: Spice up your food, using cinnamon, chilli pepper, ginger and cayenne can help rev up your metabolism. Get the benefits of extra flavor and a few more burned calories.

Turning these tips into daily habits is a great way to give your metabolism a boost and enhance your ability to achieve your fitness goals.

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