LetsGetChecked - At home kit tests

I have partnered up with LetsGetChecked because a very important way to be and stay healthy is to know where you stand now, and there is no better way to do it than checking your health status.

LetsGetChecked provides simple at-home health tests that will give you clinical results online in 2-5 days. In this case I ordered the Thyroid Test, after a couple of months of me arriving at the U.S. my thyroid levels became unbalanced so I like to check it to make sure everything is fine. Also if you’ve suddenly been having weight loss fluctuations even though you eat healthy and exercise this is a hormone you want to check.

The best part about LetsGetChecked home health tests kit is that you don’t have to visit the doctor’s office, make an appointment, wait forever, etc. Your test is delivered straight to your door.

They provide tests for sexual health (super important, I highly recommend this if you have a new partner/starting a new relationship or just to know for yourself) , Men’s health, Women’s health and general wellness.

After you send back the results, (you just need to mail the sample back to their accredited laboratories in the pre-paid label) you’ll receive support and guidance from the LGC medical team.

I took the test yesterday and it’s very easy to use, and for me was great because I’m super afraid of those needles and blood testing procedures at the doctor. You just have to clean your hands, wipe to disinfect your finger and pick it to collect the blood sample (they provide you with everything you need)

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