Traveling Fit Tips

When we decided to travel full time, I never thought that my life would change that much, let alone my favorite habits, like exercising or eating healthy. I really thought everything would be the same, or better.

We already have been, Matt and I, traveling eight months full time. Those eight months have been divided between traveling in the van, camping, Airbnbs, hotels and visiting family and friends. And between six different countries. A lot has changed, and with that, my way of exercising and eating has changed.

However, I have kept my physique, health, and I have continued with my routines. It has not been easy, but with effort and perseverance it has been possible. I would lie to you if I said I exercise every day, because I do not. There are days when I could not get up from bed, or days that I preferred to leave my gym time to do something with my family, or explore.

But here I leave you some tips and strategies that I have applied throughout these eight months to continue to put my health first.

1. Be honest and realistic with yourself. I usually plan my exercise week around the things I have to do and I'm super honest with myself. I ask myself: Am I really going to get up at 5am to go to the gym that is 20 mins away by bike from where I am? It is usually a no. Then I plan my routines with what I already have, if I'm at my parents' house or Matt's parents, I pull out my resistance bands, or I run, and I exercise before everyone gets up, or on days that we don’t have something planned. However, if I'm alone with Matt camping, I use what I already have in the van. The important thing is not to set super big goals when we know they can not be achieved, it only makes me feel more frustrated if I do not do them.

2. Motivation. I do not believe much in it. I think many of the things I do come from habits that have been built with time. I believe in patience and perseverance. I know that exercising is good for my physical and mental health, so I choose routines that I enjoy, and that challenge me, but that I can easily do the rest of my life. Many of my healthy habits are habits that I decided to create for the long term, not to look good in the summer, or for a wedding. If I need inspiration from routines, I look for people on Instagram who have similar ideas to mine, or I go to a class.

3. Be more flexible. When I have not exercised for many days, I am more flexible with myself. I know that my body is not used to being in the gym 6 days a week, so I decide something that will make me feel better physically and mentally. I take it a little easy, so the next day is not so hard. I start with long walks, or run for 15-20 mins, or a short workout in the gym.

4. Rest. When you travel constantly, your body feels it. You are in new eco systems, schedules, people, food. It is normal to feel tired. For me, rest and take a few days without exercising is very important. My body needs to recover from the change, and I also feel more energetic when it comes to exercising.

I do not follow strict programs, or diets, I eat when I'm hungry and I choose food that makes me feel good, sometimes I go out to eat and enjoy it, and I move my body constantly in ways that make me feel good, and that consequently of the two, I look and feel better.

Do not complicate things much, rest when you have to rest and move as you like.



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