How I control cravings

Cravings are one of the most difficult things to control when we are changing our eating habits, even when you have adapted them to your lifestyle sometimes they come and they make you lose track.

For example, when I drink alcohol it is very hard for me to control what I eat, I immediately want to get fries, desserts, and I will eat whatever is in front of me and the worst thing I overeat. I don't need to be drunk for this to happen, with two glasses of wine I become a bottomless pit for food and it's one of the reasons I don’t drink a lot.

Identifying these situations is tip number one, and it is very important because it will help you avoid putting yourself in them and get out of control.

There are things that have helped me a lot to control cravings when I have them:

Get distracted: instead of being carried away by the cravings, I start doing something else: FaceTime with friends, walk Mambo (my dog), play music and clean my house, organize my closet, clean the photo gallery on my phone. Doing something that distracts my mind always helps me.

I drink tea: especially in the evenings, if I have already eaten and I know I'm not hungry but I still feel like eating I make myself a tea. Tea has flavor, because is hot you have to take zip by zip, and although you are not eating you are ingesting something (with almost zero calories) and this deceives your mind and helps to calm the anxiety.

I don’t buy junk food: when I go to the supermarket I do not put sweets, ice cream, salty snacks, etc. in the shopping cart. Let's say that suddenly you get the sweet tooth, but you check your house and you don’t have cookies, chocolate, ice cream or anything like that, by not buying them you are unlikely to consume them.

I'm not telling you to never eat something “unhealthy”. Because yes, from time to time it doesn’t hurt and it's even good for you, psychologically, etc. But, this should be the exception and not the rule, letting yourself get carried away by your cravings and by the anxiety to eat all the time is not healthy and I hope these little things I do can help you too.

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