How to actually add veggies to your meals

We get it, veggies are good and we should be eating as many as possible, but how can we add them to our diet other than salads?

Adding veggies to your daily diet it’s not that hard. I always recommend to have a tentative menu for the week because it will help you to organize your meals and plan accordingly. However, eating steamed broccoli the entire week can get boring, and sometimes we need help to be more creative.

These are my top tips to add veggies in an easy delicious practical way to your meals:

Be ready: the same day you do your groceries cut and wash your veggies, if you don’t want to meal prep for the rest of the week at least separate them into portions and freeze them, so when you are making your next meal they are ready to be thrown in it. (You can also buy frozen vegetables).

Use veggies as substitute of another food: Lettuce leaves make a great tortilla wrap, use butternut squash or zucchini noodles instead of regular spaghetti, grilled portobello mushrooms can replace your burger bun, have you heard of cauliflower pizza crust (it is delicious).

Add them to what you already like and cook: making rice add chopped veggies for more flavor and texture, baking chicken add some peppers, eggplant and onions. You love your morning omelette so why not adding mushrooms, tomatoes and spinach? Slice some zucchini and toss it to your pasta… You get the idea, any meal you are already cooking and enjoy to eat make it better by adding vegetables to it.

Make them crunchy: Slice zucchini, egg plant, green beans, etc, lightly bread (whole grain bread crumbs), and bake until crispy. It’s a different way to eat them and add texture to them, it’s very easy to make and we all love something crunchy.

Make soup or vegetable creams: eating a bowl of vegetable soup before your meals will help you get satisfied and you’ll increase your nutrients without adding many calories. Use a low fat low sodium broth (or make it yourself) and add all the chopped veggies you want.

Don’t be afraid of being creative and try new things, and when it comes to veggies eat them.

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