Is fitness easy?

There is a saying “If it was easy everybody would do it”. I honestly think with fitness everybody can definitily do it, even tho it’s not so simple. I know you want me to tell you that living a healthy life style is undemanding and effortless, but it entails commitment and breaking old bad habits and these can be challenging.

It's easier to lay down watching TV and scrolling through Instagram than stand up to work out. It is easier to eat out or get a delivery of whatever junk food sounds good at the moment than to plan and prepare healthy delicious meals. It is easier to fall into the temptations around you than to have willpower.

A sedentary life with bad eating habits might be easier, but, does it make you happy?

Not feeling comfortable with what you see every day in the mirror (this is for sure a hard one) makes you happy?

Aren’t you afraid to increase the risk of suffering different diseases because you eat junk and don’t move?

Waking up without energy and feeling fatigued during the day because YOU CHOOSE not to give your body the nutrients or the movement it needs, makes you feel good?

Fitness, and when I talk about fitness I’m not referring only to “look fit” but to a state of health and general well being (that also makes you look good), might not be the easiest thing. Fitness requires some planning, patience, building new good habits, movement, cooking, dedication, self love, and more.

Now, taking into consideration all the questions I just asked you… Tell me: are you really going to keep doing what is “easier”?

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