The effect of music during training

"Without music, life would be a mistake," Nietszche said. I don’t know how much Nietszche knew about working out but sometimes if I leave my headphones home going to the gym feels wrong. Seriously, I’ve bought the cheapest headphones at the corner store just so I can workout (several times).

Some people (like me) simply can not train without listening to music, others actually feel better without it. But, regardless of your preferences, recent studies suggest that music has a positive impact when we exercise or perform some competition.

When we listen to music we usually move to the rythm, we do it unconsciously, therefore when we are listening to a good fast pace we get energized and train with more drive and enthusiasm.

Music also distracts us, it creates a kind of dissociation between our reality = exercise and what we are listen to, so our focus is on music rather than the physical exertion of exercise and we can increase our performance up to 15%. By redirecting our attention we forget a little the fatigue, exhaustion, and even of that pain/burn in the muscles we are working, which helps us to continue and push ourselves a little more.

The music is also effective to increase and reinforce positive moods such as happiness, joy, which will help you to suppress the negatives such as tiredness and that thought of "I’m a done yet?"

Don’t wait any longer and use music as a positive tool during exercise, especially on days when you don’t really feel like working out, or laziness is trying to take over and you need an extra push.

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