Foam rolling benefits

If you are wondering about using foam rollers, the answer is YES!

Using them is basically performing an automassage, and what can you not like about that?

  1. Using foam rollers can reduce the risk of developing adhesions. Adhesions can occur when collagen forms between the layers of skeletal muscle If a muscle is held in a specific position during extended periods of inactivity or overused during repetitive motions.

  2. Foam rolling improves circulation.

  3. They can reduce tightness to ensure a proper balance of co

mpeting forces around a joint. They reduce rigidity to ensure an adequate balance of forces around a joint.

  1. Foam rollers help reduce soreness after an exercise session and promote the recovery process.

If you use foam roller as part of your warm-up, do it only for a brief amount of time, so that your muscles don't lose the ability to contract properly during your workout. If you use them after your workout apply pressure in the most tense areas for about 90 seconds so the tissue can relax and elongate.

It is normal to feel a bit of pain when using the foam roller in areas that are tight or muscles that are sore, however, when applying pressure it should feel uncomfortable and not unbearable, and when you finish you should feel better. If you are feeling a lot of pain apply less pressure or use a softer roller.

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