Simple guide to achieve your New Year’s fitness resolutions

We all know how the beginning of the year can bring us motivation, we want a new fresh start, we set up goals, so I’m not going to extend on that. I want to help you to achieve those goals by making a simple plan.

In the pursuit of any goal you must make a plan. Organization is essential especially when in your life there are other important things that you also dedicate time to: family, work, house, friends, etc. I encourage you to write your plan down, don’t just think about it, make it tangible.

To get your plan going you need to:

Define your objective: what you want to achieve, how you want to feel, explain your big picture.

Determine real and specific goals: improve your strength, to lose or gain X amount of weight, be able to jog for 30 minutes in a row, for example.

Establish real times to do so: To lose 12 pounds in 3-4 months (not 2 weeks, for example).

Make a training schedule: maybe you have a steady routine that allows you to train every day at the same time (I don’t), perfect keep doing it. But if you don’t, adjust and fit in your training schedule every day taking into account the activities of the week ahead, and write it down.

Make a tentative menu: organize your meals in a menu and take a moment of the day to prepare the meals of the week. This is very useful especially if you do not have time to cook every day. This menu should go hand in hand with your goals: food, preparations and portions should be healthy and help you achieve them. Keep it simple, just write down your ideas of main meals and snacks so you can plan accordingly.

While moving forward you will probably have to make adjustments, but it is always useful to organize your goals and your plan of action.

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