Get the "fitness mind"

In order to reach your goals and improve your fitness level it’s crucial to have a strong and positive mindset. Your mind commands and your body obeys, this is a fact. That is why your mind should send the right and constant message. A strong mind is important because even though changes in your health come since the first day you start exercising and stick with you if you keep the habit, aesthetic changes take a little longer to appear and progress becomes a bit more difficult when you get closer to your goal, without the proper mentality we are prone to get frustrated and throw the towel. Here are some tips to help you keep a positive mindset so you can continue to work hard and achieve the body you’ve been desire so much.

No more "I can’t". The only person who can tell you that you can’t do something is you, and when you do this your brain doesn’t have a sense of humor, it gets stuck, it doesn’t react. When you think "I can’t do 45 minutes of cardio", "I can’t lift that much weight", "I won’t see results", without tryin it’s a serious mistake. When those words pass through your head immediately change the meaning of the sentence "I’ll try to do 45 minutes of cardio", "I will lift that weight", "I’ll strive to get results". Believe it or not sending messages of willpower and strength define your performance when training, specially when your negative thoughts are the ones keeping you away from your goals. Go workout mentally prepared and your results will be better.

Redefine your own perception. I’ve realized when I talk to my clients about what they want to improve sometimes they do it in such a negative way and aproach that feature as if there was nothing to do about it, "I would like to improve them but my arms are just fat", "it is impossible for me to lose weight", labeling yourself like this implies a limitation when it comes to achieving your goals. If you think it is impossible to change you will not really commit to the actions and habits that you must adopt to make the change happen, and it will be easier to give up everything because why will you keep trying for the impossible... Well, nothing needs to be permanent, for instance you are not fat you have fat, and fat is something you can burn/lose.

To get results you need to be committed and work hard, your results will be proportional to the effort and determination you put in your training and nutrition, if your effort is small so will be your results. Stop seeing yourself as somebody that can’t progress, somebody is chained to remain the same, somebody that won’t try because it doesn’t make sense. Start to see yourself as someone who can achieve what you want, keep in mind that new and improved image of yourself and how you would feel when you reach it, feel capable because you are and get ready to discover everything you can give and how far you can go.

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