5 mistakes you need to avoid

Sometimes we don't see results even though we believe we are doing everything right and that bring us a lot of frustration, the question is are we really doing what we need to see progress or are we setting ourselves for failiure without even noticing. These are some common mistakes that I've often notice and that, yes, I've committed myself.

1. Setting impossible goals.

Yes, we hear and read all the time "nothing is impossible", anything you want to achieve you are able to if you work hard for it, and great I’m not telling you can’t do something, but, let’s get realistic here: when we want to make a change and see progress in our bodies we need to set realistic goals in realistics periods of time. To lose 10 pounds in a week because you have a wedding on the weekend, to have the exact same body of that model you like so much, to run a marathon in a month when you have never run in your life…First, forget about wanting someone else's body, it's impossible because you have yours, that does not mean anything bad, it doesn’t mean that you can look as great as, you can and you will but in your own skin (makes sense?). And second, when setting a goal be honest with yourself and take into consideration your skills now, your level of commitment, your plan of action and your lifestyle so you can make the changes you need to set and achieve real goals in real time, if not you will be a handfull of frustrations and nobody wants that.

2. Quantity over quality.

Doing very long workouts without being clear about your goal, spending 3 hours at the gym but for 2.5 you are talking to others and watching your cell phone, you wont take a rest day, etc… When it comes to working out the saying quality over quantity it´s accurate. When you start focusing on what you are doing, increase the quality of each movement, and you make the most of your workouts you will get results. If you love to socialize at the gym that is totally fine, but do it before or after not while you are suppose to be pushing yourself, turn your notifications off and only use your phone to play your music, take selfies at the end (that’s what I do). And know that training excessively is harmful to your health and also limits your progress. Focus on the quality of your training, always.

3. Not changing your routine.

When you do the same over and over again your muscles will adapt to it, imaking you hit a plateu because the stimulus they are receiving no longer challenges them. You must switch up your routine, change exercises or angles to perform them, increase loads-weight, include circuits, functional exercises, play with your rest-recovery times, get off your favorite cardio machine and choose another, etc. The idea is to keep your routines changing so your body can’t guess what you are going to do, giving it always a challenge and room for progress.

4. Not caring about the technique.

Learning the correct form of the exercises is essential to obtain results and avoid injuries. By doing an exercise incorrectly your muscles will not have the right stimulus to progress and most likely you’ll end up hurting yourselft. It is important to know and perform the right technique of the movements, if you have doubts ask someone to guide you correctly, instructors and personal trainers exist for good reasons. And the mirrors at the gym, we all think they are for pictures but they actually are for us to be able to see our form when working out.

5. Underestimate what you eat.

Sometimes we work out hard and right but we forget about the most important thing: food. If you think that training hard while eating junk will bring you results, think again. Believing that in the gym you can burn the extra calories of all that junk you eat is also very naive, unfortunately we consume callories much easier and faster than we burn them; to burn only half a cup of chocolate ice cream we need to jog for about 30 minutes, for example. We can’t out-exercise a bad diet. Good nutrition and exercise must go hand in hand.

Let's think better on what we are actually doing, avoid these mistakes, and get that better version of ourselves!

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