15 Reasons to eat veggies

We hear and read everyday: eat more vegetables, add vevegetables, vegetables are very important. And, honestly, veggies almost have super powers:

1. Vegetables are not expensive and they are very filling. Include them at least three times a day.

2. A plate with the right portion of proteins, carbohydrates and vegetables is much better than a plate without vegetables. By replacing your portion of vegetables with more protein or more carbohydrate you are creating a desbalance in your plate and consuming extra calories..

3. They have a lot of nutrients in a few calories.

4. Looks good, a plate full of natural colors looks "cuter", and that "cuteness" indicates that you are including different vitamins and minerals.

5. Veggies help to delay the absorption of sugar in blood, helping to maintain stable glucose and insulin levels.

6. The fiber they contain reduce hunger and cravings. They keep you satisfied longer.

7. They contain antioxidants that fight aging symptoms.

8. Vegetables rich in potassium (tomato, avocado, spinach, for example), prevent kidneys stones, help with water retention and therefore with cellulite.

9. It is very difficult to gain weight by eating a lot of vegetables. You can include them at any time of the day, and in large portions without worrying.

10. Green and leafy vegetables can lower blood pressure.

11. They help improve our immune system.

12. People watch what you eat, so when you eat healthy and include vegetables you can influence others to do so too.

13. The variety of flavors, colors and textures will help you to eat differently. They help you to get creative with your meals.

14. They are free of cholesterol.

15. With a balanced diet, they help prevent different types of cancer, diabetes, heart disease, among others.

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