Fitness myths

Nowadays it is easier to find and validate the information that you are given to achieve your fitness goals, however it is still common to hear some myths. To stop believing in them and know the truth behind these myths, here I leave you some of the most common ones:

If I exercise, I can eat everything I want. If you think that because you started exercising and your workouts are intense you now have a free pass to eat everything in this world, you are mistaken, my friend. Sadly, we consume calories more easily than we burn them, by eating junk you will not see progress and you can even gain some pounds of fat. Just to burn 100 gr of fries (a small portion) you have to jog approximately 30 minutes, for example. Not mentioning that even if you burn the calories bad food or huge portions of food are not doing any good to your body.

Women should not do weights. Some have the idea that when women do weights we get muscular like men, or like bodybuilders, this is a big misunderstanding. If women shouldn’t train and have strong muscles then why do we have muscles at all? It’s impossible for a woman to develop a man’s physique because our body structure is different and we don’t produce that much testosterone. (Looking like a bodybuilder and having big big muscles will only happens if we take testosterone or another anabolic substance, it is far from occurring naturally). It is true that with weight training you will see more muscle definition (tone, however you want to call it) than a woman who only does cardio or does not exercise. Weight training gives you curves on the right places, you will reduce cellulite, your metabolism increases, you will be stronger. Don’t be afraid of them.

I can target my fat lose. Burn fat in a localized area is not possible unless you get a liposuction (or a new modern procedure that I don’t know about). Many want an exercise to lose fat only in their arms, others in their belly, some want to lose fat from their right leg only… you get the idea. It is important to understand that our body doesn’t work that way, with a good diet and training plan our body will reduce fat from different areas and at different rates, and as a whole, this is influenced by your genetics. But don’t worry because as long as you are consistent with your plan, you’ll see results even on your “problematic” areas.

Only cardio until you lose fat, then you can do weights. Strength training, either with weights or with your own body, is extremely beneficial when losing fat and you shouldn’t just do cardio until you drop some pounds to add it to your routine. Muscles are metabolically active, so when you weight training and increase your muscle mass you will burn more calories during the day with doing nothing, on the other hand It is harder for your body to recover from this type of workouts than from cardio, which makes you burn more calories after you finish your session. Also, you want to give “tone” to your body through strength training, so when you lose fat you look good and not flaccid (it will appear if you focus on doing "cardio" only). So it's time to do strength exercises to boost your fat loss and have a better figure, and those who told you otherwise cross them off your list of friends.

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