Do you need motivation?

Sometimes after exercising regularly for a while we suddenly lose that kind of "spark" that we had at the beginning. That initial excitement for some reason starts fading away and although exercise has already become an habit you don’t really feel like doing it.

If you can relate, these tips will help you to take a deep breath and find a solution for that lack of motivation.

Put someone in charge. While another person can’t make the effort for you, it can help you to commit to your workouts. Personal trainers are great at this, but a friend, family member or your partner can be helpful, a person that holds you accountable and don’t let you skip your workouts and can reward you when you do well.

Only wear your workout gear to exercise.

When your mind associates those clothes and those shoes with movement it will be difficult for you to lie down when using them. Place your shoes in a place where you can see them to remind you that you need to move and when you put them on, do some activity at least 5 minutes. Go for a walk around your block or make 60 jumping jacks or burpees. Don’t wear your workout leggins to be more comfy watching tv.

Set a new goal. But not aesthetic, a goal that challenges you on the physical plane, plan to achieve something with your body that you could not do before. Like holding a handstand, two full pull ups (my new goal now is to do 10 in a row), jogging for 30 minutes without stopping, have a specific reason to train, something that challenges you can be the answer to stay motivated.

Remember the reasons that made you start. Why did you make it part of your life? Why did you dedicate time to it? Sure some of these reasons are still valid, thinking about them can help you get back on track.

Discipline is very important, it would help you to workout and eat healthy even when we're not in the mood. Do not despair, it is normal to have some spikes in our routines, the important thing is to keep committed to our goals and our health and start making the right decisions again.

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