Not only exercise burns calories

Being an active person does not mean to exercise only, any excuse that makes you stay out of your bed, chair, sofa is good. There are activities that keep you moving and burn extra calories and you don’t know it.

Walking. It’s one of the most underestimated activities, it has multiple benefits for your health, including preventing heart diseases. One of the things I enjoy the most on my days off is a very long walk with Mambo (my dog), not to mention that I walk him at least two times a day. In an hour walking at a moderate pace you can burn 200 calories.

Cleaning. Household chores burn calories. Sweeping and moping 110 calories in 30 minutes, moving boxes and small furniture 180 calories in 30 minutes, 80 calories in 1 hour of cooking, everything adds up, and if you're also one of those who puts music and clean while dancing (like me) you'll burn even more .

Dance, dance, dance. It is super fun and makes you sweat, why do you think zumba became so famous? Birthdays, weddings, the club, being home alone, any occasion is good to dance. Dancing, depending on the intensity can make you burn many calories, up to 270 for every 40 minutes.

Grocery shopping. In the supermarket you can burn up to 200 calories, counting about 45 minutes in the store, taking things to the car and then accommodating them at home.

Stairs. If you live in a building or have stairs at home use them, climbing stairs burns up to 250 calories every half hour. On your daily basis avoid elevators and escalators and use the stairs.


Gardening: 1 hour = 200 calories.

Shoveling: 1 hour = 400 calories.

Wash your car: 30 minutes = 120 calories.

Play with your children: 1 hour = 200 calories.

(Estimated with a person of 150 pounds)

If you exercise regularly, take advantage of these occasions to stay active, working out for an hour and spend the rest of the day as a couch potato isn’t the best. I hope now that you know all of these count as "physical activity" you will do them motivated.

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