10 simple changes to start being fit and healthy

You already decided to change your eating habits and start exercising because you want to look and feel better, great. I always recommend making small but sure changes and gradually acquiring others, rather than changing everything overnight and in two months return to all your old habits. Here I leave you 10 simple changes that you can adapt little by little and will open the door to adopt fitness as a long-term lifestyle: 1. Drink a glass of water as soon as you get up.

2. Walk more, get used to go walking wherever you can.

3. If your clothes start to get tight, focus on losing some weight and not on buying bigger ones.

4. Exercise according to your level, it will increase progressively. Starting way over your fitness level will bring more frustrations than benefits.

5. Eat vegetables at least with lunch and dinner.

6. For a week change regular sodas for diet ones, the second week go down to one intake of soda per day, week 3 take them completely out of your diet.

7. Do not spend more than three days without exercising, if you schedule gets complicated at least go for a walk or do squats and sit-ups at home.

8. Do strength exercises at least twice a week.

9. Find some activity that you really like, if you do not like pilates do not buy the package of 15 monthly classes, it’s better to do some research and get into an activity that you really enjoy.

10. Rest, try to sleep 7-8 hours a day. Focus on one or two of these steps a week, in two months you must have already adopted some of these changes, you will feel a difference and you will be motivated to adopt others.

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