My Services

Let's work together to achieve your goals. I can help you with simply providing advice, to personal training sessions and everything in between.

We’ll go over your goals, daily routine, nutrition (groceries, cooking), and habits. From there, I’ll help you change and adapt so that you can improve your overall health and achieve your goals. 


Through our discussions, I’ll also provide areas of improvement that you may not have been aware of beforehand which comes from my experience as a fitness professional. I’ll make sure you understand the information I share to support your changes, and help keep you accountable through the process!

Calls last 30-40min.

30$ per call.

Fitness Coaching Online (Video Calls)

Packages with several services and discounts are also available, contact me so we can make sure to provide with everything you want and need to achieve your goals

Personal Training Sessions (Video Call)

That we can't meet in person doesn't mean that we can't train together. I offer you one on one sessions over Video Call where we'll work together in every aspect of fitness to make sure you become your best version (I'll adapt it to what equipment and space you have for working out). Contact me now to talk more about your goals and availability. 

Price range from 65$ per sessions. 

(Monthly packages with discounts available)

At Home Fitness

I created a home based workout program, where you’ll have: Library of workouts (with little equipment and no equipment), Calendar (so you know what to do each day) and support group.

AT HOME FITNESS is designed for you to keep your goals on track and be able to workout with structure, in your house. 

It's only 5$ a week.

For your first week free use Code: ATHOME

No excuses

Let's reach your goals

Customized Online Workout Programs

I can help you achieve your goals by creating a workout program based on your needs. Includes 4 week workout program, with video tutorials, calendar, follow ups, messaging and more. It can be adapted for the gym or for home. 

Four weeks workout program is only 100$ a month.

Personal Training Sessions (Boston, USA)

In person training sessions. We'll work together in every aspect of fitness to make sure you become your best version. Contact me now to talk more about your goals and availability.

Price range from 85-130$ per session.

(Depending on how many, place of training, etc.)

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