Welcome to my page!

I want to tell you a little bit more about myself

I created this space because I want to share with you my tips, workouts, knowledge and love for the fitness lifestyle. Because I want you to know that it is not complicated and that you only need to have the right tools to feel and look better.

I started exercising at the age of 19, I have scoliosis and everything indicated surgery, but the doctor wanted to avoid it and told me that I needed to start exercising one hour a day, that I had to strengthen my core, as well as strengthen and understand my body to not overload my back when making any effort.

I enrolled in the gym, I did some things right and many wrong, then I became friends with two personal trainers who corrected me and taught me a lot.

After 4 months my back pain had improved greatly and I started to see changes in my body. Obviously I was very excited and little by little I fell in love with exercise. It became therapy not only physical but mental.

I am a nerd and decided to do my first personal training course just to learn more, to make sure I did things right, I never thought about working as a personal trainer or sharing my knowledge with others.

And here I am, wanting to motivate you and help you to adapt this lifestyle to you and your daily routine.

Let's do this together.


- Alejandra


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